high susceptibility, viral dynamics and persistence of south american zika virus in new world monkey species.south american zika virus (zikv) recently emerged as a novel human pathogen, linked with neurological disorders. however, comparative zikv infectivity studies in new world primates are lacking. two members of the callitrichidae family, common marmosets (callithrix jacchus) and red-bellied tamarins (saguinus labiatus), were highly susceptible to sub-cutaneous challenge with the puerto rico-origin zikvprvabc59 strain. both exhibited rapid, high, acute viraemia with early neuroinvasion (3 days) in ...201931601848
multimodal assessments of zika virus immune pathophysiological responses in marmosets.animal models that recapitulate the human pathophysiology have been developed as useful research tools. although laboratory mice are widely used, they are phylogenetically "distant" to humans. new world monkeys, such as the common marmoset (callithrix jacchus) have steadily gained prominence. in this report, marmosets are explored as an alternate in vivo model to investigate infection and immunity of zika virus (zikv). multimodal platforms, including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (mr ...201830459473
experimental zika virus infection in the pregnant common marmoset induces spontaneous fetal loss and neurodevelopmental abnormalities.during its most recent outbreak across the americas, zika virus (zikv) was surprisingly shown to cause fetal loss and congenital malformations in acutely and chronically infected pregnant women. however, understanding the underlying pathogenesis of zikv congenital disease has been hampered by a lack of relevant in vivo experimental models. here we present a candidate new world monkey model of zikv infection in pregnant marmosets that faithfully recapitulates human disease. zikv inoculation at th ...201829717225
a high infectious simian adenovirus type 23 vector based vaccine efficiently protects common marmosets against zika virus infection.zika virus (zikv) has spread in many countries or territories causing severe neurologic complications with potential fatal outcomes. the small primate common marmosets are susceptible to zikv, mimicking key features of human infection. here, a novel simian adenovirus type 23 vector-based vaccine expressing zikv pre-membrane-envelope proteins (sad23l-prm-e) was produced in high infectious titer. due to determination of immunogenicity in mice, a single-dose of 3×108 pfu sad23l-prm-e vaccine was in ...202032049958
publisher correction: experimental zika virus infection in the pregnant common marmoset induces spontaneous fetal loss and neurodevelopmental abnormalities.a correction to this article has been published and is linked from the html and pdf versions of this paper. the error has been fixed in the paper.201830367092
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