spondweni virus in field-caught culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes, haiti, 2016.spondweni virus (sponv) and zika virus cause similar diseases in humans. we detected sponv outside of africa from a pool of culex mosquitoes collected in haiti in 2016. this finding raises questions about the role of sponv as a human pathogen in haiti and other caribbean countries.201830124422
zika virus targets human stat2 to inhibit type i interferon signaling.the ongoing epidemic of zika virus (zikv) illustrates the importance of flaviviruses as emerging human pathogens. all vector-borne flaviviruses studied thus far have to overcome type i interferon (ifn) to replicate and cause disease in vertebrates. the mechanism(s) by which zikv antagonizes ifn signaling is unknown. here, we report that the nonstructural protein ns5 of zikv and other flaviviruses examined could suppress ifn signaling, but through different mechanisms. zikv ns5 expression resulte ...201627212660
pathogenesis and sexual transmission of spondweni and zika viruses.the spondweni serogroup of viruses (flaviviridae, flavivirus) is comprised of spondweni virus (sponv) and zika virus (zikv), which are mosquito-borne viruses capable of eliciting human disease. numerous cases of zikv sexual transmission in humans have been documented following the emergence of the asian genotype in the americas. the african zikv genotype virus was previously implicated in the first reported case of zikv sexual transmission. reports of sponv infection in humans have been associat ...201728985234
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