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[current status and eco-epidemiology of mosquito-borne arboviruses (diptera: culicidae) in spain].in this manuscript we analize the possible emergence and/or re-emergence in spain of some of the mosquito-borne arboviruses (diptera: culicidae) with highest incidence in recent years. the faunistic, bioecological and distributional data of the culicids in our country allow to differentiate between species with ability to maintain the enzootic cycles of arboviruses from others that can act as bridge vectors to the human population. the results show the existence of several common and anthropophi ...201020661525
detection of usutu virus within a west nile virus surveillance program in northern italy.abstract usutu virus (usuv) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus belonging to the japanese encephalitis serocomplex, recently related to neurological disease in immunosuppressed patients. in the same area of northern italy where usuv human cases occurred in 2009, a regional west nile virus (wnv) surveillance program based on mosquito monitoring and wild birds screening has been implemented since 2008. mosquito pools and wild birds were tested using three different polymerase chain reactions (flaviviru ...201120849275
evidence of simultaneous circulation of west nile and usutu viruses in mosquitoes sampled in emilia-romagna region (italy) in recent years human diseases due to mosquito-borne viruses were increasingly reported in emilia-romagna region (italy), from the chikungunya virus in 2007 to the west nile virus (wnv) in 2008. an extensive entomological survey was performed in 2009 to establish the presence and distribution of mosquito arboviruses in this region, with particular reference to flaviviruses.201021179462
mosquito, bird and human surveillance of west nile and usutu viruses in emilia-romagna region (italy) in 2008, after the first west nile virus (wnv) detection in the emilia-romagna region, a surveillance system, including mosquito- and bird-based surveillance, was established to evaluate the virus presence. surveillance was improved in following years by extending the monitoring to larger areas and increasing the numbers of mosquitoes and birds tested.201222666446
usutu virus persistence and west nile virus inactivity in the emilia-romagna region (italy) in 2011.the circulation of west nile virus and usutu virus was detected in the emilia-romagna region in 2008 and 2009. to evaluate the extent of circulation of both viruses, environmental surveillance, based on bird and mosquito testing, was conducted in 2008 and gradually improved over the years.201323667694
molecular characterization of flaviviruses from field-collected mosquitoes in northwestern italy, 2011-2012.the genus flavivirus comprises several mosquito-borne species, including the zoonotic pathogens west nile and usutu virus, circulating in animals and humans in italy since 1998. due to its ecological and geographical features, piedmont is considered a risk area for flavivirus transmission. here we report the results of a flavivirus survey (detection and genetic characterization) of mosquitoes collected in piedmont in 2012 and the genetic characterization of three strains detected in 2011.201425160565
wide detection of aedes flavivirus in north-eastern italy--a european hotspot of emerging mosquito-borne diseases.the pattern of flavivirus infection in mosquitoes belonging to the genera aedes and culex collected in two regions of north-eastern italy (trentino and veneto) was assessed. mosquitoes were collected during 2012 and screened for flaviviruses using a generic reverse transcription-nested-pcr targeted on a region of the non-structural ns5 gene. the phylogenetic analysis was performed on a fragment of ~1000 bp. virus isolation was attempted in c6/36 insect cell lines and the infected cell cultures w ...201525326313
an overview of mosquitoes and emerging arboviral infections in the zagreb area, croatia.mosquito control in the zagreb area has been conducted for many years, whereas the fauna has only been investigated in the last 20 years. so far 30 mosquito species have been detected in the city area. culex pipiens form molestus is the dominant mosquito species in indoor breeding sites. in forested areas and areas exposed to flooding, the active period is early spring and the dominant species are ochlerotatus sticticus, ochlerotatus cantans, ochlerotatus geniculatus and aedes vexans. the eudomi ...201628036307
does aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae) play any role in usutu virus transmission in northern italy? experimental oral infection and field evidences.this study evaluated the vector competence of aedes albopictus in transmitting usuv after oral infection under laboratory conditions. ae. albopictus showed a low vector competence for usuv, although the positive body sample found with a very high number of viral copies at one week post infection indicates that a replication in the mosquito body can occur, and that usuv can escape the midgut barrier. field data from an extensive entomological arboviruses surveillance program showed a relevant inc ...201728495404
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