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oviposition strategies of florida culex (melanoconion) the genus culex, oviposition is often generalized as laying floating egg rafts directly on the surface of the water, as reported for arbovirus vectors culex pipiens l. and culex tarsalis coquillett, both members of subgenus culex. the current work reports on investigations of exceptions to this strategy by species of melanoconion, a diverse and mostly tropical subgenus of culex, with many arbovirus vectors. wild gravid females from vero beach, fl, were introduced into outdoor cages with open ...201728402498
host use and seasonality of culex (melanoconion) iolambdis (diptera: culicidae) from eastern florida, usa.culex (melanoconion) iolambdis (dyar, 1918) is a mosquito (diptera: culicidae) species found throughout much of tropical america, including southern florida. relatively few reports are available regarding the ecology of cx. iolambdis, despite its widespread distribution and putative involvement in transmission of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus. to quantify habitat and host utilization, adults of cx. iolambdis were sampled from resting shelters at a field site in vero beach, florida, over a ...201627712940
diversity of mosquitoes and the aquatic insects associated with their oviposition sites along the pacific coast of mexico.the abundance, richness and diversity of mosquitoes and aquatic insects associated with their oviposition sites were surveyed along eight states of the pacific coast of mexico. diversity was estimated using the shannon index (h'), similarity measures and cluster analysis.201424450800
blood feeding patterns of mosquitoes: random or structured?abstract:201020205866
redescription of the pupa of culex (melanoconion) iolambdis dyar.the pupa of culex iolambdis is redescribed with the belkin system of nomenclature, a table of setal branching, and an illustration.200212542182
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