human rabies--montana and washington, 1997.on january 5 and january 18, 1997, respectively, a man in montana and a man in washington died of neurologic illnesses initially suspected to be creutzfeldt-jakob disease (cjd) but diagnosed as rabies encephalitis during subsequent histologic examination on autopsy. the cases were not linked epidemiologically, and no secondary cases occurred. postexposure prophylaxis (pep) was administered to 113 potential contacts. this report summarizes the clinical presentations of the cases and the epidemiol ...19979272584
organochlorine residues in three bat species from four localities in maryland and west virginia, 1973, 119 bats of three species were collected from four localities in maryland and west virginia. the collection included 43 big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus), 43 little brown brown bats (myotis lucifugus), and 33 eastern pipistrelles (pipistrellus subflavus). the bats were collected from round top mountain, washington co., md.; trout cave, pendleton co., w. va.; montpelier barn, prince georges co., md. residues of sigmaddt were highest in carcasses of bats from round top mountain, which is ...1976826874
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