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the epidemiology of bat rabies in new york state, 1993 new york and texas each reported a human rabies case traced to a rare variant of rabies virus found in an uncommon species of bat. this study examined the epidemiology of bat rabies in new york state. demographic, species, and animal-contact information for bats submitted for rabies testing from 1988-92 was analysed. the prevalence of rabies in 6810 bats was 4.6%. nearly 90% of the 308 rabid bats identified to species were the common big brown bat (eptesicus fuscus), which comprised 62% ...19947995360
west nile virus antibodies in bats from new jersey and new york.eighty-three serum samples were obtained from big brown (eptesicus fuscus), little brown (myotis lucifugus), and northern long-eared (myotis septentriotalis) bats (chiroptera: vespertilionidae), from new jersey and new york (usa) between july and october 2002. samples were analyzed for neutralizing antibodies to west nile virus (wnv) and st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus. one little brown bat and one northern long-eared bat tested positive for wnv neutralizing antibodies. no bats had antibodies ...200415362837
experimental and natural infection of north american bats with west nile virus.big brown (eptesicus fuscus) and mexican free-tailed (tadarida brasiliensis) bats were inoculated with the new york 99 strain of west nile virus to assess their potential to serve as amplifying hosts and determine the clinical effect of infection. groups of three or four bats were bled at daily intervals between 1 and 6 days after inoculation to determine the pattern of viremia. beginning 2 days after inoculation, virus was isolated each day from one or more e. fuscus bats, in titers ranging fro ...200516103624
a survey for west nile virus in bats from illinois.a blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to test 97 serum samples from big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus) captured in six counties in illinois between may 2002 and february 2004 for west nile virus (wnv) antibodies. one female big brown bat tested positive for wnv antibodies. samples of kidney, liver, and heart tissue were collected from 312 bats of seven species that were submitted to the illinois (usa) department of public health or the illinois department of agriculture diagnostic ...200616870875
white-nose syndrome and wing damage index scores among summer bats in the northeastern united states.white-nose syndrome (wns) adversely affects millions of bats hibernating in caves of the eastern united states. beginning in 2009, the us fish and wildlife service supported use of a wing damage index (wdi) scoring system (scale of 0 to 3, or no damage to severe) to assess wing damage of bats captured during summer. based on bat captures at 459 mist net sites in pennsylvania, new york, maryland, virginia, and new jersey, usa, we questioned whether wdi scores varied by species group, date, and di ...201121269995
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