tick (acari) infestations of bats in new mexico.a total of 278 bats belonging to 16 species was examined for ticks from various sites in new mexico from 1994 to 1998. seven species of bats were parasitized by ticks: larvae of ornithodoros kelleyi cooley & kohls, ornithodoros rossi kohls, sonenshine & clifford (argasidae), or both. both species of ticks are reported from new mexico for the first time. infestation prevalences for parasitized bats ranged from 2 to 25% on different host species for o. kelleyi and from 7 to 25% for o. rossi. the p ...200111476346
prevalence of neutralizing antibodies to rabies virus in serum of seven species of insectivorous bats from colorado and new mexico, united states.we determined the presence of rabies-virus-neutralizing antibodies (rvna) in serum of 721 insectivorous bats of seven species captured, sampled, and released in colorado and new mexico, united states in 2003-2005. a subsample of 160 bats was tested for rabies-virus rna in saliva. we sampled little brown bats (myotis lucifugus) at two maternity roosts in larimer county, colorado; big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus) at three maternity roosts in morgan county, colorado; and big brown bats at five mat ...201323568912
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