prevalence of rabies in bats in michigan, analyze the species distribution of animals submitted to the michigan department of public health (mdph) for rabies testing during 1993. to determine whether any of the 9 species of bats residing in michigan carries a disproportionate rabies burden, and to determine whether bats contributed the most cases of confirmed rabies during 1981 through 1992.19979018352
prevalence and distribution of pseudogymnoascus destructans in michigan bats submitted for rabies surveillance.since 2006, bat populations in north america have suffered devastating mortality from an emerging disease known as white-nose syndrome (wns). the causal agent of wns is the fungus pseudogymnoascus destructans. in april 2014, wns was discovered in little brown bats ( myotis lucifugus ) in michigan, and has since been documented in 12 counties. because current surveillance for wns focuses primarily on mine-hibernating species in winter, it is subject geographic, species, and seasonal bias. to inve ...201728318379
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