metagenomic analysis of the viromes of three north american bat species: viral diversity among different bat species that share a common habitat.effective prediction of future viral zoonoses requires an in-depth understanding of the heterologous viral population in key animal species that will likely serve as reservoir hosts or intermediates during the next viral epidemic. the importance of bats as natural hosts for several important viral zoonoses, including ebola, marburg, nipah, hendra, and rabies viruses and severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (sars-cov), has been established; however, the large viral population diversity ( ...201020926577
white-nose syndrome and wing damage index scores among summer bats in the northeastern united states.white-nose syndrome (wns) adversely affects millions of bats hibernating in caves of the eastern united states. beginning in 2009, the us fish and wildlife service supported use of a wing damage index (wdi) scoring system (scale of 0 to 3, or no damage to severe) to assess wing damage of bats captured during summer. based on bat captures at 459 mist net sites in pennsylvania, new york, maryland, virginia, and new jersey, usa, we questioned whether wdi scores varied by species group, date, and di ...201121269995
parasites from the big brown bat, eptesicus fuscus (beauvois), in western maryland (acarina and siphonaptera). 196514280484
organochlorine residues in three bat species from four localities in maryland and west virginia, 1973, 119 bats of three species were collected from four localities in maryland and west virginia. the collection included 43 big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus), 43 little brown brown bats (myotis lucifugus), and 33 eastern pipistrelles (pipistrellus subflavus). the bats were collected from round top mountain, washington co., md.; trout cave, pendleton co., w. va.; montpelier barn, prince georges co., md. residues of sigmaddt were highest in carcasses of bats from round top mountain, which is ...1976826874
monitoring seasonal bat activity on a coastal barrier island in maryland, usa.research on effects of wind turbines on bats has increased dramatically in recent years because of significant numbers of bats killed by rotating wind turbine blades. whereas most research has focused on the midwest and inland portions of eastern north america, bat activity and migration on the atlantic coast has largely been unexamined. we used three long-term acoustic monitoring stations to determine seasonal bat activity patterns on the assateague island national seashore, a barrier island of ...201120364316
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