a tale of two siblings: multiple paternity in big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus) demonstrated using microsatellite many bat species, the opportunity for sperm competition or other mechanisms of post-copulatory paternity biasing is thought to be great, due to the long delay between copulation and fertilization, demonstrated sperm storage capabilities, and observed promiscuity. we present the results of the first study to assess whether litters of big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus) containing dizygotic twins share the same father. we sampled 26 mother-offspring triads from three colonies in indiana and illin ...200616367843
use of artificial roost structures by bats at the indianapolis international airport.from 1992-1996, 3204 artificial roosts of 9 types were placed in woodlots near indianapolis international airport in an effort to provide habitat for the federally-endangered indiana myotis (myotis sodalis) and to determine the feasibility of using these structures to manage bats in a rapidly developing suburban area. we surveyed these structures at least annually during 1992-1999 and found only northern myotis (myotis septentrionalis) regularly using the structures. four other species were occa ...200616622759
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