small mammal populations of an agroecosystem in the atlantic forest domain, southeastern brazil.this study reports 2 years of the population dynamics and reproduction of a small mammal community using the removal method. the study was conducted in a rural area of the atlantic forest, in sumidouro, rio de janeiro state, brazil. the population sizes, age structure and reproduction were studied for the four most common species in the study area. the overall diversity was 1.67 and ranged between 0.8 to 1.67. the species richness was 13 considering the whole study. the most abundant species wer ...200717505767
siphonaptera of small rodents and marsupials in the pedra branca state park, state of rio de janeiro, an region of atlantic rainforest corresponding to the geopolitical area of the pedra branca state park, rio de janeiro, southeastern brazil, 160 small mammals were captured, of which 64 rodents and 96 marsupials from october 2005 to october 2007. there were collected in these hosts six flea species from three families (ctenophthalmidae, rhopalopsyllidae and pulicidae), totalizing 162 specimens. adoratopsylla (tritopsylla) intermedia intermedia was the most common species found, followed by po ...201020385060
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