spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks in two surveys conducted from march 1999 to march 2001 and from january 2004 to december 2006, a total of 3,950 ticks (belonging to ten different species) were collected from seven domestic and wild animals (goat, sheep, cattle, dog, fox, hare, and mouflon) from different localities throughout cyprus. in order to establish their infection rate with spotted fever rickettsiae (sfg), ticks were pooled and tested by polymerase chain reaction targeting glta and ompa genes, followed by sequencing anal ...201121833539
genome sequence of rickettsia hoogstraalii, a geographically widely distributed tick-associated bacterium.rickettsia hoogstraalii is a tick-associated member of the spotted fever group rickettsiae that is geographically widely distributed. we report here the draft genome of r. hoogstraalii strain croatica(t) (=dsm 22243 = utmb 00003), which was isolated from haemaphysalis sulcata ticks collected in croatia.201425377719
detection of rickettsia hoogstraalii, rickettsia helvetica, rickettsia massiliae, rickettsia slovaca and rickettsia aeschlimannii in ticks from sardinia, italy.tick-borne diseases represent a large proportion of infectious diseases that have become a world health concern. the presence of rickettsia spp. was evaluated by standard pcr and sequencing in 123 ticks collected from several mammals and vegetation in sardinia, italy. this study provides the first evidence of the presence of rickettsia hoogstralii in haemaphysalis punctata and haemaphysalis sulcata ticks from mouflon and rickettsia helvetica in ixodes festai ticks from hedgehog. in addition, ric ...201728110915
rickettsia hoogstraalii sp. nov., isolated from hard- and soft-bodied ticks.a novel spotted fever group rickettsia was found in haemaphysalis sulcata ticks collected from sheep and goats in croatia in 2006. at the same time, a genetically identical organism was co-isolated with the embryonic cell line cce3 obtained from the soft tick carios capensis in georgia, usa. in this study, further phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of the novel rickettsial strain present in h. sulcata ticks were investigated. based on the cultivation of bacteria in mosquito and vero cell c ...201019666817
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