rabies incubation in an african civet (civettictis civetta). 19948085316
innocuity studies of sag-2 oral rabies vaccine in various zimbabwean wild non-target species.the sag-2 modified live rabies vaccine was tested for innocuity when administered by the oral route in several potential wild non-target bait-consuming species, as follows: ten chacma baboons (papio ursinus), six african civets (civettictis civetta), six slender mongooses (galerella sanguinea), six honey badgers (mellivora capensis), six large-spotted genets (genetta tigrina), 39 multi-mammate mice (mastomys natalensis), 26 bushveld gerbils (tatera leucogaster) and six pied crows (corvus albus). ...19979261938
global mammal parasite database version 2.0.illuminating the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of parasites is one of the most pressing issues facing modern science, and is critical for basic science, the global economy, and human health. extremely important to this effort are data on the disease-causing organisms of wild animal hosts (including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths, arthropods, and fungi). here we present an updated version of the global mammal parasite database, a database of the parasites of wild ungulates (artioda ...201728273333
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