gp63 gene polymorphism and population structure of leishmania donovani complex: influence of the host selection pressure?the gp63 encoding genes were characterized by pcr-rflp in 35 isolates representative of the leishmania donovani complex (l. infantum, l. donovani, l. archibaldi and l. chagasi), with special attention to mediterranean l. infantum from different geographical origins, and in separate groups from old world leishmania (l. major, l. tropica and l. aethiopica). the aim was to evaluate how the possible selective pressure by the host on these important surface proteins would influence structuring of our ...200111197761
[cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern algeria].a resurgence of cutaneous leishmaniasis is presently noted in northern algeria. this form of oriental sore is caused by a parasite belonging to the leishmania donovani complex. its epidemiological and clinical characteristics allow distinction with the l. major zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis known to occur in the steppe regions of algeria. preliminary results of a clinical trial involving the use of ketoconazole, indicate that this drug is rapidly effective.19854085100
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