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mercury residues in wood ducks and wood duck foods in eastern tennessee.liver, breast muscle and body fat from 50 juvenile and five adult wood ducks (aix sponsa) collected on the holston river, tennessee were analyzed for total mercury content. black fly larvae (simulium vittatum) sago pondweed (potamogeton pectinatus), tapegrass (vallisneria americanus), water stargrass (heteranthera dubia), elodea canadensis, and river bottom sediments were also analyzed to elucidate the distribution of mercury in the wood duck's environment. liver tissues of juveniles contained t ...19836887432
survey for west nile virus antibodies in wild ducks, 2004-06, usa.detection of west nile virus (wnv) in ducks has been reported in north america in isolated cases of mortality in wild waterbirds and following outbreaks in farmed ducks. although the virus has been noted as an apparent incidental finding in several species of ducks, little is known about the prevalence of exposure or the outcome of infection with wnv in wild ducks in north america. from 2004-06, we collected sera from 1,406 wild-caught american wigeon ( anas americana ), mallard ( anas platyrhyn ...201626981693
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