morbillivirus infection in two common porpoises (phocoena phocoena) from the coasts of england and scotland.two common porpoises (phocoena phocoena), one found stranded on the isle of sheppey, kent, and the other in the moray firth, scotland, in late 1990, were examined post mortem. lesions of diffuse bronchointerstitial pneumonia were present in both animals; they were characterised by the infiltration of alveoli with leucocytes, macrophages and multinucleate syncytia, the necrosis of bronchial and bronchiolar epithelium, focal proliferation of type ii pneumocytes and occasional acidophilic cytoplasm ...19921441126
antibodies to brucella in marine mammals around the coast of england and wales.following the isolation of previously unrecognised species of brucella from stranded seals and cetaceans in scotland and northern england, a serological survey was carried out to investigate the range of marine mammal species which may have been exposed to brucella species around the coasts of england and wales, the prevalence of infection and the temporal and geographical distribution of seropositive animals. serum collected from 153 stranded marine mammals from the coasts of england and wales ...19979416675
prevalence of a host-adapted group b salmonella enterica in harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) from the south-west coast of england.a monophasic group b salmonella enterica 4,12:a:- was first isolated in harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) in scotland in 1991. this paper reports the isolation of the same group b s enterica from harbour porpoise carcases found stranded along the cornwall and devon coastlines. between 1991 and 2002, 80 harbour porpoises were submitted for postmortem examination and subjected to bacteriological examination under the uk cetacean strandings investigation programme. a total of 28 salmonella isol ...201020675627
predictions from harbor porpoise habitat association models are confirmed by long-term passive acoustic monitoring.survey based habitat association models provide good spatial coverage, but only a snapshot in time of a species' occurrence in a particular area. a habitat association model for harbor porpoises was created using data from five visual surveys of the moray firth, scotland. its predictions were tested over broader temporal scales using data from static passive acoustic loggers, deployed in two consecutive years. predictions of relative abundance (individuals per kilometer of survey transect) were ...201323968050
mycoplasma species isolated from harbor porpoises (phocoena phocoena) and a sowerby's beaked whale (mesoplodon bidens) stranded in scottish waters.mycoplasma species were recovered from 10 cetacean carcasses that stranded around scotland. mycoplasma phocicerebrale was isolated from the lungs of three harbor porpoises (phocoena phocoena) as well as from the liver of one of these animals. novel mycoplasma spp. were isolated from the lungs of five additional harbor porpoises and the kidney of another. in addition an isolate closely related to mycoplasma species 13cl was obtained from the kidney of a sowerby's beaked whale (mesoplodon bidens). ...201121270010
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