scavenging hagfish as a transport host of anisakid nematodes.hagfish are the most primitive craniates and scavengers, feeding on dead organisms as well as fish and invertebrates. hagfish play an important ecological role in recycling nutrients, helping to recycle biomass from the upper water column. we investigated 265 specimens of four hagfish species, including eptatretus burgeri, eptatretus yangi, eptatretus sheni and eptatretus taiwanae from northeastern taiwanese waters of the northwestern pacific from november 2013 to june 2014. eight species of ani ...201626872923
whole chromosome elimination and chromosome terminus elimination both contribute to somatic differentiation in taiwanese hagfish paramyxine sheni.chromosome elimination is a process in which some chromatins are discarded from the presumptive somatic cells during early embryogenesis. eliminated chromatins in hagfish generally consist of repetitive sequences, and they are highly heterochromatinized in germ cells. in this study, we characterized four novel eliminated dna families, eeps1-4, from the taiwanese hagfish paramyxine sheni. sequences of these four elements occupied 20-27% of eliminated dna in total, and each family was arranged mai ...201020352325
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