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unique endemicity of cryptosporidiosis in children in understand the transmission of cryptosporidium infection in children, fecal specimens from 62 kuwaiti children with gastrointestinal symptoms found to be positive by microscopy were genotyped and subtyped with a small subunit rrna-based pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and a 60-kda glycoprotein-based dna sequencing tool. the median age of infected children was 4.5 years, and 77% of infections occurred during the cool season of november to april. fifty-eight of the childre ...200515956401
cryptosporidiosis in saudi arabia and neighboring countries.cryptosporidium is a coccidian protozoan parasite of the intestinal tract that causes severe and sometimes fatal watery diarrhea in immunocompromised patients, and self-limiting but prolonged diarrheal disease in immunocompetent individuals. it exists naturally in animals and can be zoonotic. although cryptosporidiosis is a significant cause of diarrheal diseases in both developing and developed countries, it is more prevalent in developing countries and in tropical environments. we examined the ...200717921688
cryptosporidiosis in kuwaiti children: association of clinical characteristics with cryptosporidium species and determine the association of clinical characteristics with cryptosporidium types and subtypes, faecal specimens from 2548 children with diarrhoea were screened by microscopy for cryptosporidium spp., and positive specimens were genotyped and subtyped by pcr-rflp. a total of 87 of the 2548 children (3.4 %) had cryptosporidial diarrhoea by microscopy and the majority (41.4 %) of the infected children were in the 4-8-year-old age group. molecular characterization of the 83 children studied furth ...201121233297
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