environmental factors influencing trematode prevalence in grey tree frog (hyla versicolor) tadpoles in southern ontario.the emergence or increased prevalence of various parasites may be linked to alterations in host-parasite interactions caused by environmental changes. we investigated prevalence of trematode infections in grey tree frog (hyla versicolor) tadpoles from ponds in nonagricultural settings versus ponds adjacent to cornfields in southern ontario. we found that agricultural activity was a significant factor in determining the percentage of tadpoles infected by 1 or more trematodes from 1 or more specie ...200617152940
frog virus 3-like infections in aquatic amphibian communities.frog virus 3 (fv3) and fv3-like viruses, are members of the genus ranavirus (family iridoviridae), and they have been associated with infectious diseases that may be contributing to amphibian population declines. we examined the mode of transmission of an fv3-like virus, and potential hosts and reservoirs of the virus in a local amphibian community. using the polymerase chain reaction to detect infected animals, we found an fv3-like virus in south-central ontario, canada, amphibian communities, ...200818263826
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