the diversity and prevalence of hard ticks attacking human hosts in eastern siberia (russian federation) with first description of invasion of non-endemic tick species.hard ticks are the vectors of many pathogens including tick-borne encephalitis virus and the lyme disease agent borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. in eastern siberia, ixodes persulcatus, dermacentor nuttalli, dermacentor silvarum and haemaphysalis concinna are regarded as aggressive to humans. recently, significant changes in world tick fauna have been reported and this affects the spread of tick-borne pathogens. we studied the current species diversity, population structure and prevalence of tick ...201626443685
prevalence of borrelia miyamotoi in ixodes persulcatus in irkutsk city and its neighboring territories, ixodes persulcatus were collected in highly populated districts in irkutsk city, russia, and in popular recreational and professional areas in its neighboring territories. borrelia miyamotoi infection in i. persulcatus was examined using multiplex taqman-pcr targeting 16s rdna, and nested pcr and sequencing analyses targeting flab and 16s rdna. b. miyamotoi and lyme disease borrelia species were detected in 13 (infection rate, 2.9%) and 77 (17.3%) out of 445 i. persulcatus ticks, respectiv ...201626750571
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