cholesterol oxidation on fluorocarbon emulsion surface leads to the formation of 7-peroxycholesterol.formation of biologically active oxidized derivatives of cholesterol as a result of its oxidation on the surface of fluorocarbon emulsions was studied. a single product of cholesterol oxidation, 7-peroxycholesterol, was found. it was shown that 7-peroxycholesterol and its derivative 7-keto-cholesterol inhibit the rosette formation between human t-lymphocytes and sheep erythrocytes. these substances exert a strong cytostatic action on the growth of procaryotic and eucaryotic cell cultures. thus, ...19902365071
mycoplasma-associated induction of interferon in ovine leukocytes.a mycoplasmal species, acholeplasma laidlawii, isolated as a contaminant from a fetal lamb kidney cell line, was shown to be associated with the induction of interferon in cultures of ovine peripheral blood leukocytes. broth cultures of the mycoplasma induced between 20 and 230 u of interferon per ml in leukocytes from two adult ewes. the amount of interferon produced correlated with the inoculum size of mycoplasma. interferon production was associated with replication of the mycoplasma in the l ...19734356073
interspecies and intraspecies dna homology among established species of acholeplasma: a review.radiolabeled dna probes prepared in vitro by the nick translation method were used to determine the nucleotide sequence homology among the eight established and one unclassified species of acholeplasma. very little dna homology (2 to 21 percent) was found among these nine distinct species and the heteroduplexes showed at least 15 percent mismatching as determined by thermal elution endpoints. the data obtained by hybridization analyses paralleled the results obtained by the growth inhibition and ...19836433583
isolation of acholeplasma laidlawii from a giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) and a mouflon (ovis musimon). 19827064318
pathologic responses of lambs to experimental inoculation with acholeplasma laidlawii. 19969026067
distribution of ureaplasmas in the urogenital tract of ewes. 19817344258
acholeplasma axanthum, sp. n.: a new sterol-nonrequiring member of the mycoplasmatales.mycoplasmas recovered from tissue cultures and previously shown to belong to the sterol-nonrequiring group of mycoplasmas have been further characterized. the biological and serological properties of these strains show them to be clearly distinct from acholeplasma laidlawii and a. granularum, two species of sterol-nonrequiring mycoplasmas recently reclassified. it is proposed that the newly described mycoplasmas be designated acholeplasma axanthum, sp. n.19704919991
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