detection of oropouche virus segment s in patients and inculex quinquefasciatus in the state of mato grosso, brazil.this study aimed to investigate the circulation of orthobunyavirus species in the state of mato grosso (mt) brazil. during a dengue outbreak in 2011/2012, 529 serum samples were collected from patients with acute febrile illness with symptoms for up to five days and 387 pools of female culex quinquefasciatus captured in 2013 were subjected to nested-reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for segment s of the simbu serogroup followed by nucleotide sequencing and virus isolation in vero c ...026517653
oropouche virus. iii. entomological observations from three epidemics in pará, brazil, 1975.urban epidemics of oropouche (oro) fever in three municipalities in pará, brazil were studied in 1975. culicoides paraensis (goeldi) were collected during each of the epidemics and there was a positive correlation, by study areas within the city of santarém, between human seropositivity to oro virus and population densities of c. paraensis and culex quinquefasciatus say. the best numerical correlation was with populations of c. paraensis. the relative absence of other species in the areas of hig ...19817212163
oropouche virus. ii. epidemiological observations during an epidemic in santarém, pará, brazil in epidemic of oropouche fever occurred in santarém, pará, brazil in 1975. in the first survey for oropouche antibodies involving a random sample of an entire city, infection rates varied from 0-44%, depending on the specific area within the city. women had higher infection rates than men, but this difference was statistically significant only for persons older than 10 years of age. an analysis of school data showed that pupils in the evening classes had a greater increase in absenteeism during ...19817212162
laboratory transmission of oropouche virus by culex quinquefasciatus say. 19873607353
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