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distribution of wild mammal assemblages along an urban-rural-forest landscape gradient in warm-temperate east asia.urbanization may alter mammal assemblages via habitat loss, food subsidies, and other factors related to human activities. the general distribution patterns of wild mammal assemblages along urban-rural-forest landscape gradients have not been studied, although many studies have focused on a single species or taxon, such as rodents. we quantitatively evaluated the effects of the urban-rural-forest gradient and spatial scale on the distributions of large and mid-sized mammals in the world's larges ...201323741495
the japanese marten favors actinidia arguta, a forest edge liane as a directed seed disperser.this study demonstrates the potential of the japanese marten (martes melampus) to serve as a directed seed disperser of actinidia arguta, a representative forest edge liane. fecal compositions of the japanese marten in a western part of tokyo, japan were analyzed by the point-frame method. it fed on fruits in autumn (73.1%) and winter (63.0%), and the seeds of a. arguta were most frequently eaten (47.4%). although the vegetation in the study area was dominated by forest (95.5%), seeds found in t ...201526003980
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