trypanosomes of bufo americanus from northern michigan.two hundred one american toads (bufo americanus) from northern michigan were examined for blood trypanosomes. three species, trypanosoma bufophlebotomi, t. schmidti-like sp. and t. pseudopodia, had prevalences of 27, 16 and 1%, respectively. cross experimental inoculations showed that t. bufophlebotomi from toads is not the same as t. ranarum found in frogs of the family ranidae of this region.19883264030
phylogeography of bufo fowleri at its northern range limit.many of the species that recolonized previously glaciated areas in the great lakes basin of north america over the past 10-12,000 years exhibit genetic evidence of multiple invasion routes and present-day secondary contact between deeply divergent lineages. with this in mind, we investigated the phylogeographical structure of genetic variability in fowler's toads (bufo fowleri) at the northern edge of its distribution where its range encircles the lake erie basin. because b. fowleri is so closel ...200415548286
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