ascaris spp. and capillaria caudinflata infections in captive-bred crested ibis (nipponia nippon) in china.crested ibis (nipponia nippon), an endan gered native bird, was called the "precious stone" of oriental birds. n. nippon was considered a critically endangered species in the iucn red list of threatened species and a first-class national protected animal in china. the chinese government had exerted considerable effort to protect the n. nippon population. an effective approach to increase the number of these birds was captive breeding. however, several pathogens, including parasites, could jeopar ...201525486916
phylogenetic and pathogenic analyses of two virulent newcastle disease viruses isolated from crested ibis (nipponia nippon) in china.the crested ibis is one of the most endangered birds in the world, found only in shaanxi province in central china, and it has been reintroduced in sadogashima in japan. two newcastle disease virus (ndv) isolates were collected from sick crested ibises, and their pathogenic and phylogenetic characteristics were investigated. the results showed that they are virulent, with intracerebral pathogenicity indices of 1.46-1.83 and a mean time of death of 54.4-84.4 h. they shared the same virulent motif ...201323344613
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