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avian bornavirus genotype 4 recovered from naturally infected psittacine birds with proventricular dilatation disease in south africa.the occurrence of proventricular dilatation disease caused by avian bornavirus (abv) in captive psittacine birds has long been suspected in south africa. this report documents the first detection by polymerase chain reaction and gene sequence analyses of abv from three clinical cases of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd) in captive bred blue and gold macaws (araara rauna) resident in this country. lymphoplasmacytic encephalitis, gastrointestinal myenteric gangioneuritis and leiomyositis wer ...201223327145
coding-complete sequencing classifies parrot bornavirus 5 into a novel virus this study, we determined the sequence of the coding region of an avian bornavirus detected in a blue-and-yellow macaw (ara ararauna) with pathological/histopathological changes characteristic of proventricular dilatation disease. the genomic organization of the macaw bornavirus is similar to that of other bornaviruses, and its nucleotide sequence is nearly identical to the available partial parrot bornavirus 5 (pabv-5) sequences. phylogenetic analysis showed that these strains formed a monop ...201526282234
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