alkaline single-cell gel (comet) assay and genotoxicity monitoring using two species of tadpoles.small bodies of water (e.g., creeks, ponds, and drainage ditches) have received very little attention in genotoxicity studies, yet these areas are important because they are often the first to be affected by industrial effluents, sewage contaminants, accidental spills, internal combustion engine emissions, landfill runoffs, and pesticide uses. to address this deficiency, we examined erythrocytes in two species of tadpoles, rana clamitans and bufo americanus, using the alkaline single-cell gel (s ...19968844992
a light and electron microscopic study of trypanosoma fallisi n. sp. in toads (bufo americanus) from algonquin park, ontario.trypanosoma fallisi n. sp. is described from bufo americanus in ontario. the parasite was observed in 65 of 94 toads examined. the trypanosomes were pleomorphic with respect to the age of infections, being longer and broader in early infections (during spring and summer) and shorter and more slender during late summer and autumn. they ranged in size from 38-76 microns in body length and 3-8 microns in width, with a free flagellum 6-30 microns long. epizootiological and experimental evidence sugg ...20062359048
the life history and host specificity of hepatozoon clamatae (apicomplexa: adeleorina) and its-1 nucleotide sequence variation of hepatozoon species of frogs and mosquitoes from ontario.the life cycle of an intraerythrocytic hemogregarine, hepatozoon clamatae, was studied in green frogs (rana clamitans melanota), bullfrogs (rana catesbeiana), northern leopard frogs (rana pipiens), and in the mosquito, culex territans. gametogenesis, fertilization, and sporogony occurred within cells of the malpighian tubules of laboratory-reared cx. territans that had fed on naturally infected frogs. mature oocysts containing hundreds of sporocysts were observed in mosquitoes 30 days postfeedin ...19989714212
caged amphibian tadpoles and in situ genotoxicity monitoring of aquatic environments with the alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (comet) previous studies we demonstrated that indigenous amphibian tadpoles are suitable organisms for monitoring small bodies of water (e.g., creeks, ponds, and drainage ditches) using the alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (scg) or 'comet' assay. this approach involves detection, under alkaline conditions, of cell dna fragments which on electrophoresis migrate from the nuclear core, resulting in a 'comet with tail' formation. however, although often plentiful, tadpoles are not present in all ...19989651536
blood parasites of amphibians from algonquin park, ontario.during a 5 wk period beginning may 25, 1983, 329 amphibians, which included specimens of rana catesbeiana shaw, rana clamitans latreille, rana septentrionalis baird, rana sylvatica leconte, hyla crucifer wied, bufo americanus holbrook, and plethodon cinereus green, from lake sasajewun, algonquin park, ontario, canada were examined for blood parasites. the prevalences of species of trypanosoma, haemogregarina, lankesterella, babesiasoma, and thrombocytozoons in these amphibians were determined. t ...19846492319
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