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human parainfluenza virus type 3 (hpiv 3) viral community-acquired pneumonia (cap) mimicking swine influenza (h1n1) during the swine flu pandemic.the swine influenza (h1n1) pandemic began in mexico in 2009 and quickly spread worldwide. during the h1n1 pandemic, many patients were admitted to the winthrop-university hospital with influenza-like illnesses (ilis). many hospitalized adults had h1n1 pneumonia diagnosed by laboratory or clinical criteria. however, the laboratory diagnosis of h1n1 was problematic. the rapid influenza (quickvue a/b [quidel, san diego, ca]) test frequently showed false-negative results. reverse transcriptase-polym ...201120888645
protecting the public from h1n1 through points of dispensing (pods).in fall 2009, the new york city department of health and mental hygiene (dohmh) operated 58 points of dispensing (pods) over 5 weekends to provide influenza a (h1n1) 2009 monovalent vaccination to new yorkers. up to 7 sites were opened each day across the 5 boroughs, with almost 50,000 new yorkers being vaccinated. the policies and protocols used were based on those developed for new york city's pod plan, the cornerstone of the city's mass prophylaxis planning. before the h1n1 experience, nyc ha ...201121361797
predictors of acceptance of h1n1 influenza vaccination by fdny firefighters and ems workers.there is a widely recognized need for vaccination of health care workers (hcws). we undertook this study to assess the 2009-2010 h1n1 vaccination rates in ôê+14,000 firefighters and emergency medical service (ems) workers at the fire department of new york (fdny) and to determine predictors of h1n1 vaccine acceptance.201121693157
non-specific laboratory test indicators of severity in hospitalized adults with swine influenza (h1n1) pneumonia. 201020967480
point counterpoint: mandatory flu vaccination for health care workers. 201020032660
point counterpoint: mandatory flu vaccination for health care workers. 201020032661
patients hospitalized with 2009 pandemic influenza a (h1n1) - new york city, may 2009.the first cases of 2009 pandemic influenza a (h1n1) in new york city occurred in april 2009, raising many questions about how best to contain the epidemic. to rapidly assess the severity of influenza illness and identify persons at highest risk for severe infection, the new york city (nyc) department of health and mental hygiene (dohmh) reviewed the medical charts of the first 99 patients with laboratory confirmed h1n1 admitted to any nyc hospital. the purpose of the review was to characterize t ...201020057350
public hospital-based laboratory experience during an outbreak of pandemic influenza a (h1n1) virus infections.the experience of a public hospital virology laboratory during a springtime 2009 outbreak of a novel influenza a (h1n1) virus in new york state is described. influenza virus was isolated from 145 of 613 respiratory swab specimens. symptoms of fever (temperature, 102.7 +/- 0.32 degrees f), cough, upper respiratory infection, myalgia, and headache were reported. atypical symptoms of nausea/vomiting and diarrhea were also observed. illness occurred mainly in patients <or=21 years of age (85/145 pat ...201020147645
nosocomial swine influenza (h1n1) pneumonia: lessons learned from an illustrative the spring of 2009, our institution found itself at the epicentre of the "herald wave" of the swine influenza (h1n1) pandemic in new york. we were inundated with hundreds of patients exhibiting influenza-like illnesses (ilis), presenting for rapid influenza a testing. during this pandemic, an infant with newly diagnosed acute lymphatic leukaemia (all) was admitted for induction chemotherapy. after being in hospital for a week, she developed high fever and shortness of breath, although her che ...201020153551
lessons from queens. 201020187742
pandemic influenza: antiviral preparedness and health care workers.the primary objective of this study was to determine the preparedness for pandemic influenza of hospitals, in terms of amount of antiviral drugs on hand and employee vaccination rates, in the finger lakes region (flr) of western new york.201020389196
fatalities associated with the 2009 h1n1 influenza a virus in new york city.background. when the 2009 h1n1 influenza a virus emerged in the united states, epidemiologic and clinical information about severe and fatal cases was limited. we report the first 47 fatal cases of 2009 h1n1 influenza in new york city. methods. the new york city department of health and mental hygiene conducted enhanced surveillance for hospitalizations and deaths associated with 2009 h1n1 influenza a virus. we collected basic demographic and clinical information for all patients who died and co ...201020420514
2009 h1n1 swine flu: the 2010 may 2009, as the h1n1 swine flu outbreak was in the early stages, a conference was held at the new york academy of sciences to discuss what was known about the virus and what was being done to stop the outbreak. in may 2010, a follow-up conference was again held at the new york academy of sciences, but now to discuss the h1n1 outbreak retrospectively. the report presented here summarizes the 2010 conference proceedings.201020860673
update: drug susceptibility of swine-origin influenza a (h1n1) viruses, april 2009.since april 21, 2009, cdc has reported cases of respiratory infection with a swine-origin influenza a (h1n1) virus (s-oiv) that is being spread via human-to-human transmission. as of april 28, the total number of confirmed s-oiv cases in the united states was 64; these cases occurred in california (10 cases), kansas (two), new york (45), ohio (one), and texas (six). the viruses contain a unique combination of gene segments that had not been reported previously among swine or human influenza viru ...200919407738
novel influenza a (h1n1) outbreak on board a us navy vessel.fleet week new york 2009 was the latest installment of an annual celebration to honor us service personnel. it takes place during memorial day and this year's celebration coincided with the peak of novel influenza a (h1n1) virus (s-oiv) activity in new york city. four service members from the uss iwo jima and uss roosevelt contracted influenza while in new york city and were hospitalized in the department of veterans affairs (va)-new york harbor healthcare system to minimize the risk of widespre ...200919952884
pandemic influenza as 21st century urban public health crisis.the percentage of the world's population living in urban areas will increase from 50% in 2008 to 70% (4.9 billion) in 2025. crowded urban areas in developing and industrialized countries are uniquely vulnerable to public health crises and face daunting challenges in surveillance, response, and public communication. the revised international health regulations require all countries to have core surveillance and response capacity by 2012. innovative approaches are needed because traditional local- ...200919961676
large-scale sequencing of human influenza reveals the dynamic nature of viral genome evolution.influenza viruses are remarkably adept at surviving in the human population over a long timescale. the human influenza a virus continues to thrive even among populations with widespread access to vaccines, and continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality. the virus mutates from year to year, making the existing vaccines ineffective on a regular basis, and requiring that new strains be chosen for a new vaccine. less-frequent major changes, known as antigenic shift, create new strains ...200516208317
update: influenza activity--united states, december 14-20, 2003.influenza activity in the united states continued to increase during december 14-20, 2003. the proportion of patient visits to sentinel providers for influenza-like illness (ili) overall was 7.7%, which is above the national baseline of 2.5%. influenza activity was reported as widespread by health departments in 45 states, new york city, and the district of columbia; four states reported regional influenza activity; and one state reported local influenza activity.200414704652
update: influenza activity--united states, january 4-10, 2004.the number of states reporting widespread influenza activity continued to decrease during the reporting week of january 4-10, 2004. health departments in 20 states and new york city reported widespread influenza activity. a total of 24 states reported regional activity, three states reported local activity, and sporadic activity was reported by two states, the district of columbia, guam, and puerto rico. the percentage of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness (ili) continued to decrease i ...200414724560
influenza a among patients with human immunodeficiency virus: an outbreak of infection at a residential facility in new york city.although annual influenza vaccination is recommended for persons who are infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), data are limited regarding the epidemiology of influenza or the effectiveness of influenza vaccination in this population. we investigated a 1996 outbreak of infection with influenza a at a residential facility for persons with aids. we interviewed 118 residents and employees, reviewed 65 resident medical records, and collected serum samples for measurement of influenza anti ...200111360221
influenza a outbreak on a cruise ship. 19989553278
sequential outbreak of influenza a and b in a nursing home: efficacy of vaccine and describe the sequential occurrence of influenza a and b in a nursing home, and to determine the efficacy of influenza vaccine and/or amantadine treatment with respect to incidence and sequelae.19968855992
update: influenza activity--united states, 1991-92 season.from october 23, 1991, through january 18, 1992, 46 state health departments reported regional or widespread influenza activity for 1 or more weeks. for the week ending january 4, 34 states reported regional or widespread activity, the most during any single week this season. from late october through mid-december, influenza outbreaks reported from 11 states involved primarily school children. reports of outbreaks among adults began in mid-november and continued through january and involved pers ...19921731184
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