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rural tourism: a risk factor for schistosomiasis transmission in brazil.this paper reports an outbreak of acute schistosomiasis among 38 tourists who rented a country house in the district of igarapé, the metropolitan region of belo horizonte, brazil, during a holiday period in 2006. a total number of 32 individuals were positive for schistosoma mansoni. results of stool examinations revealed individual s. mansoni egg counts per gram of faeces (epg) ranging from 4-768 epg with a geometric mean egg count of 45. the most frequent clinical symptoms were abdominal pain ...201020721505
distribution and schistosoma mansoni infection of biomphalaria glabrata in different habitats in a rural area in the jequitinhonha valley, minas gerais, brazil: environmental and epidemiological aspects.this paper examines the distribution and infection of biomphalaria glabrata with schistosoma mansoni in all aquatic snail habitats in a rural area in the state of minas gerais, brazil, in relation to physico/biotic and behavioral factors. snail and environmental surveys were carried out semi-annually between july 2001 and november 2002 at 106 sites. collected snails were examined in the laboratory for infection. b. glabrata densities were highest in overflow ponds, irrigation ponds, springs, can ...200415654420
rural tourism as risk factor for the transmission of schistosomiasis in minas gerais, brazil.recently, the booming rural tourism in endemic areas of the state of minas gerais was identified as a contributing factor in the dissemination of the infection with schistosoma mansoni. this article presents data from six holiday resorts in a rural district approximately 100 km distant from belo horizonte, mg, brazil, where a possibly new and until now unperceived way of transmission was observed. the infection takes place in swimming pools and little ponds, which are offered to tourists and the ...200415486645
acute schistosomiasis outbreak in the metropolitan area of belo horizonte, minas gerais: alert about the risk of unnoticed transmission increased by growing rural tourism.the present article describes the occurrence of 17 cases of acute schistosomiasis in the metropolitan area of belo horizonte, state of minas gerais, brazil. all individuals affected took a bath in a swimming pool of a holiday resort that was provided with water from a nearby brook. the apparently clean water and the absence of snails in the pool gave the wrong impression that there was no risk for infection. during a malacological survey at the site snails of the species biomphalaria glabrata we ...200314595449
the control of the schistosome-transmitting snail biomphalaria glabrata by the plant molluscicide euphorbia splendens var. hislopii (syn milli des. moul): a longitudinal field study in an endemic area in brazil.under laboratory conditions, latex from euphorbia splendens has shown promise as a plant molluscicide for control of biomphalaria species, intermediate hosts for schistosoma mansoni. the purpose of this study was to evaluate its efficiency under field conditions. application of filtered latex at 12 ppm to one stream in an endemic rural area in minas gerais state, brazil, in september 1995, did result in a reduction in snail density as compared to an untreated stream but the snail population reco ...200111369309
[assessment of schistosomiasis and other intestinal parasitoses in school children of the bambuí municipality, minas gerais, brazil].this work was carried out with the purpose of determining the prevalence of intestinal parasitoses in the school children of bambuí, through parasitological examinations (direct and kato-katz methods) and reevaluating the snails' breeding places described in the county. of the 2,091 school children examined, 20.1% had at least one parasitic infection. giardia lamblia, entamoeba coli, ascaris lumbricoides and hookworm are the most frequent parasites, with a prevalence of 6.2%, 6.2%, 4.8% and 1.4% ...200011064579
[susceptibility of biomphalaria glabrata to schistosoma mansoni from venezuela and brazil].schistosoma mansoni partially develops its life cycle into snails of the family planorbid. biomphalaria glabrata represents an important host-intermediate. this paper reports experimental infection with miracidia vs. snail in sympatric and parapatric combination. the infection assay to sympatric combination were: bh snail (belo horizonte, brasil) vs. a common geographic origin parasite, and barbula, carabobo state, venezuela vs. sm venezuela parasitic. the parapatric combination were: bh snail v ...199910932760
partial lack of susceptibility to schistosoma mansoni infection of biomphalaria glabrata strains from itanhomi (minas gerais, brazil) after fourteen years of laboratory maintenance. 199910348995
[lymnic snails from the microregion of belo horizonte, minas gerais, brazil with an emphasis on parasite disease vectors].a malacological survey to detect foci of transmission of schistosomiasis and other parasitic diseases was undertaken into water-courses from 13 municipalities of microregion of belo horizonte, mg, brazil. from 1990 to 1996, 22,066 snails were collected. from those, 378 (1.7%) were found infected by trematodes: biomphalaria glabrata (7,920), infected by schistosoma mansoni (1.9%), echinostomatidae (1.2%), strigeidae (0.6%), cercaria minense (0.1%) and derogenidae (-0.1%); b. straminea (4,093) inf ...19989789443
urban schistosomiasis: morbidity, sociodemographic characteristics and water contact patterns predictive of infection.schistosomiasis (schistosoma mansoni) is classically described as a rural disease that occurs in areas with poor sanitary conditions. this cross-sectional study was undertaken in a suburban area of a large industrialized city in brazil (belo horizonte), aiming at examining epidemiological characteristics of schistosomiasis in an urban setting.19969027538
[urban focus of schistosomiasis in a metropolitan area in a southeastern region of brazil].urban focus of schistosomiasis in an urban area of south-eastern, brazil. an active, urban focus of schistosomiasis in belo horizonte, mg, brazil is described. it is located in the "julien rien" park, a leisure area of 48,500 m2 created by the local administration in 1980 on the south side of city. snail captures were made over 10 years (1983-1992) resulting in the collection of 3,361 biomphalaria glabrata, ranging from 6.4 to 12.8 mm in diameter (mean = 9.3); 23 (0.7%) of these were found to be ...19938115836
distribution of schistosome genetic diversity within molluscan intermediate hosts.naturally infected biomphalaria glabrata snails were collected at two sites near belo horizonte, brazil, and schistosoma mansoni cercariae isolated from single snails were used to infect individual mice. genetic comparison of single worm dna was accomplished by hybridization of southern blots to a polymorphic repetitive dna element. genetic profiles of parasite individuals revealed a diverse array of parasite genotypes in naturally infected intermediate hosts. the observed distribution of schist ...19957675537
production of schistosoma mansoni cercariae by biomphalaria glabrata from a focus in belo horizonte, minas gerais.the snail density, levels of infection and the monthly production of schistosoma mansoni cercariae by biomphalaria glabrata were determined in a focus of barreiro de baixo (belo horizonte, mg, brazil). during a period of 38 months (1984 to 1987) 5,366 snails were collected of which 324 (6.03%) were infected with s. mansoni. the total number of cercariae shed was 5,667,312. each snail shed an average of 17,422 cercariae during the time that it was under study in the laboratory. the greatest longe ...19947569620
[susceptibility of biomphalaria tenagophila and biomphalaria glabrata from a same region to 2 schistosoma mansoni strains].b. tenagophila snails from ouro branco, mg, showed positivity for s. mansoni, with infection rates of 5%, 10%, (sj strain), and 1% (le strain) using a pool of miracidia. the mollusks were found to be susceptive from the 3rd generation reared in laboratory onwards. the b. tenagophila (ob, mg) when individually exposed to 10 miracidia, showed infection rate of 2% for le strain. b. glabrata snails from gagé, mg, showed a positivity rate of 58% for s. mansoni (le strain), under experimental conditio ...19947569607
therapeutic efficacy of oral oxamniquine in the toxemic form of schistosomiasis mansoni: treatment of eleven individuals from two families, and experimental study.two families, comprising 11 individuals in the toxemic form of schistosomiasis mansoni, infected in belo horizonte, brazil were treated. parasitological cure was obtained in 5 (45%) of the patients after a single oral dose of oxamniquine (mansil), 20 mg/kg body weight. no significant side effects were observed. to evaluate the possibility of resistance to the drug, cercariae collected from biomphalaria glabrata infected with micracidia from eggs obtained from three of the individuals not cured w ...19807352627
[comparative study of the susceptibility of biomphalaria glabrata populations of belo horizonte (mg), to schistosoma mansoni infection and to molluscacides]. 19827182912
some quantitative data on the laboratory and field infection of biomphalaria glabrata from jabuticatubas (state of minas gerais, brasil) by miracida of schistosoma mansoni. 19685679030
[study of the susceptibility of biomphalaria glabrata from ourinhos (são paulo), to schistosoma mansoni from belo horizonte (minas gerais) and são josé dos campos (são paulo)]. 19734789392
[resistance of biomphalaria peregrina of santa rita do sapucaí, minas gerais, brazil to infection with 3 strains of schistosoma mansoni].the descendants of the planorbid snail biomphalaria peregrina, collected in the region of santa rita do sapucaí, minas gerais, brazil, were exposed to miracidia of three strains of schistosoma mansoni: "le" strain from belo horizonte, state of minas gerais; "sj", strain from são josé dos campos, state of são paulo and "al" strain from state of alagoas. of 300 snails exposed to miracidia of the three strains, none was infected. on the other hand, 300 biomphalaria glabrata of the control groups sh ...19883152277
[identification of a new focus of schistosoma mansoni. (municipality of nova lima, mg, brazil].the detection of a new transmission focus of schistosomiasis in nova lima town, minas gerais state, brazil, is reported. the search of snail intermediate hosts in banqueta do bananal a small locality of boa vista neighbourhood detected 356 specimens of biomphalaria glabrata, with a infection rate of 8.4%. in hundred-sixty-two patients stool examinations (kato-katz method) were done, showing ninety-one patients with eggs of schistosoma mansoni in their feces. the integrated action of local reside ...19911842844
studies on common antigenicities between the belo horizonte strain, brazil of schistosoma mansoni eggs and biomphalaria snails by immunoelectrophoresis.immunoelectrophoretic studies of common antigenicities were carried out by using rabbit sera immunized against the belo horizonte strain of schistosoma mansoni eggs and crude antigens of biomphalaria snails and vice versa. with regard to common antigenicities between s. mansoni eggs and biomphalaria snails, s. mansoni eggs produced 4 to 5 bands with biomphalaria glabrata pigmentado, 3 to 4 bands with b. glabrata albino and only 1 band with b. straminea. in our laboratory, the infection rate of s ...19921381846
intermediate hosts of schistosoma mansoni in brazil.the brazilian planorbidical chart is slowly but progressively been increased by new data. distribution of vector species of schistosoma mansoni, according to paraense, 1986, may be thus resumed: biomphalaria glabrata--delimited by parallels 13 and 21 degrees s and meridians 39 and 45 degrees w, area of greater dominance (southeast bahia, oriental hal of minas gerais and espírito santo). it is observed along the coast line of the states of sergipe, alagoas, pernambuco, paraiba and rio grande do n ...19921343914
immunoelectrophoretic study on common antigens of são lourenço da mata and belo horizonte strains of schistosoma mansoni adult worms and biomphalaria snails.immunoelectrophoretic studies on common antigens were carried out by using rabbits sera immunized against são lourenço da mata and belo horizonte strains of schistosoma mansoni adult worms and antigens of biomphalaria glabrata pigmented (jaboatão--pe); b. glabrata albino (belo horizonte--mg) and b. straminea (são lourenço da mata, pe). furthermore, the reverse approach was proceeded, namely, sera anti biomphalaria snails produced in rabbits were tested against both strains of schistosoma adult w ...19921284896
[susceptibility of biomphalaria glabrata, albino variant, from belo horizonte, mg, to infestation by schistosoma mansoni, a parasite under natural conditions, of wild rodents of the vale do rio paraiba do sul, sp (brazil)]. 1978715359
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