prevalence of antibodies to selected viruses in bovine embryo donors and recipients from brazil, and its implications in international embryo trade.the prevalence of serum antibody to enzootic bovine leukosis (ebl), blue-tongue (bt), bovine herpesvirus 1 (bhv 1) and bovine virus diarrhoea (bvd) viruses in bovine embryo donors (d) and recipients (r) from minas gerais state, brazil was investigated. of 451 sera (130 d plus 321 r) tested for antibodies against ebl virus 104 (23.1%) were positive. of 410 sera (130 d plus 280 r) tested for antibody to bt, bhv 1 and bvd viruses the respective number of positive sera were 313 (76.3%), 209 (51.0%) ...19921339004
distribution of antibodies against neospora caninum, bvdv and bhv-1 among cows in brazilian dairy herds with reproductive disorders.neospora caninum, bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) and bovine herpes virus 1 (bhv-1) are worldwide spread pathogens associated with reproductive problems in cattle. the present work aimed to observe the infection pattern of these three pathogens in two dairy herds with distinct reproductive managements from triângulo mineiro, minas gerais state, brazil. the herds were not vaccinated against either n. caninum, bvdv or bhv-1. blood samples were collected and analyzed for presence of specific ant ...200617196123
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