soboliphyme baturini infection does not affect the nutritional condition of american marten (martes americana) in alaska.soboliphyme baturini, a stomach-dwelling nematode of american martens (martes americana), reaches high levels of infection; however, its effects on the nutritional condition of the host are unknown. to understand the effects of this parasite on american martens, we collected s. baturini and measured abdominal fat deposits from 155 marten carcasses on prince of wales island, southeastern alaska, in the winter 2006-2007. we analyzed how the dried mass of abdominal fat varied as a function of s. ba ...200818576861
new records of ticks (acari: ixodidae) from dogs, cats, humans, and some wild vertebrates in alaska: invasion potential.during 2010-2016, tick specimens were solicited from veterinarians, biologists, and members of the public in alaska. eight species of ticks were recorded from domestic dogs. some ticks were collected from dogs with recent travel histories to other countries or other u.s. states, which appears to explain records of ticks not native to alaska such as amblyomma americanum (l.) (lone star tick), ixodes scapularis (say) (blacklegged tick), and ixodes ricinus (l.). however, we recorded dermacentor var ...201627524823
prevalence of soboliphyme baturini in marten (martes americana) populations from three regions of alaska, 1990-1998.marten (martes americana) carcasses were collected from trappers in three regions of alaska. stomachs were examined for the nematode parasite soboliphyme baturini. both prevalence and intensity of infection exhibited an increase from north to south. prevalence was higher in adults (compared with juveniles) from the two mainland study areas. prevalences in these two age classes were similar for the southeastern region. there were no sex-specific differences in prevalence. no pathologic changes we ...200415465712
american marten (martes americana) in the pacific northwest: population differentiation across a landscape fragmented in time and space.american marten (martes americana) have a close association with mature temperate forests, a habitat that expanded throughout the pacific northwest as glaciers receded at the end of the pleistocene. similar to several other forest-associated mammals in north america (e.g. black bear), genetic analysis of the marten shows a deep phylogeographical subdivision that reflects populations with distinctive evolutionary histories. using a suite of 14 microsatellite markers, we explored the genetic struc ...200312492880
post-glacial colonization of northwestern north america by the forest-associated american marten (martes americana, mammalia: carnivora: mustelidae).phylogeographic patterns were used to assess intraspecific diversification of american martens (martes americana). within martens, two morphological groups (americana and caurina) have been recognized, though the level of distinction between them has been debated. we examined mitochondrial cytochrome b gene haplotypes from 680 martens to explore the colonization history of the pacific northwest and found two clades that correspond to the morphological groups. the widespread americana clade exten ...200212296948
examining the uncertain origin and management role of martens on prince of wales island, alaska.conservation biologists are generally united in efforts to curtail the spread of non-native species globally. however, the colonization history of a species is not always certain, and whether a species is considered non-native or native depends on the conservation benchmark. such ambiguities have led to inconsistent management. within the tongass national forest of alaska, the status of american marten (martes americana) on the largest, most biologically diverse and deforested island, prince of ...201525855043
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