conservation genetics of the fisher (martes pennanti) based on mitochondrial dna sequencing.translocation of animals to re-establish extirpated populations or to maintain declining ones has often been carried out without genetic information on source or target populations, or adequate consideration of the potential effects of mixing genetic stocks. we consider the conservation status of the fisher (martes pennanti) and evaluate the potential genetic consequences of past and future translocations on this medium-sized carnivore by examining population variation in mitochondrial control-r ...200312492877
prevalence of drug-resistant hiv type 1 at the time of initiation of antiretroviral therapy in portland, oregon.the presence of transmitted drug-resistant hiv-1 (tdr) at the time of antiretroviral therapy (art) initiation is associated with failure to achieve viral load suppression. rates of tdr in art-naive patients have been reported from various parts of the world through ongoing national, regional, and global evaluations; however, surveillance of tdr in portland, oregon has not been previously described. we describe the prevalence of tdr in patients in the portland area who have recently entered care. ...201322697610
sports-related emergency preparedness in oregon high practice recommendations for sports-related emergency preparation include implementation of venue-specific emergency action plans (eaps), access to early defibrillation, and first responders-specifically coaches-trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator (aed) use. the objective was to determine whether high schools had implemented these 3 recommendations and whether schools with a certified athletic trainer (at) were more likely to have done so.201728129072
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