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conservation genetics of the fisher (martes pennanti) based on mitochondrial dna sequencing.translocation of animals to re-establish extirpated populations or to maintain declining ones has often been carried out without genetic information on source or target populations, or adequate consideration of the potential effects of mixing genetic stocks. we consider the conservation status of the fisher (martes pennanti) and evaluate the potential genetic consequences of past and future translocations on this medium-sized carnivore by examining population variation in mitochondrial control-r ...200312492877
diel cycling of zinc in a stream impacted by acid rock drainage: initial results from a new in situ zn analyzer.recent work has demonstrated that many trace metals undergo dramatic diel (24-h) cycles in near neutral ph streams with metal concentrations reproducibly changing up to 500% during the diel period (nimick et al., 2003). to examine diel zinc cycles in streams affected by acid rock drainage, we have developed a novel instrument, the zn-digiscan, to continuously monitor in situ zinc concentrations in near real-time. initial results from a 3-day deployment at fisher creek, montana have demonstrated ...200717180405
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