coliform bacteria in sierra nevada wilderness lakes and streams: what is the impact of backpackers, pack animals, and cattle?the presence of coliform bacteria indicates a watershed risk for harboring microbes capable of causing human disease. we hypothesized that water from watersheds that have different human- or animal-use patterns would have differing risks for the presence of coliform bacteria. methods; water was collected in wilderness areas of the sierra nevada range in california. a total of 60 sites from lakes or streams were selected to statistically differentiate the risk categories: 1) high use by backpacke ...200616538940
using forest inventory data to assess fisher resting habitat suitability in california.the fisher (martes pennanti) is a forest-dwelling carnivore whose current distribution and association with late-seral forest conditions make it vulnerable to stand-altering human activities or natural disturbances. fishers select a variety of structures for daily resting bouts. these habitat elements, together with foraging and reproductive (denning) habitat, constitute the habitat requirements of fishers. we develop a model capable of predicting the suitability of fisher resting habitat using ...200616826999
a multimodal aging and dying course for first-year medical students improves knowledge and attitudes.when medical schools change their curricula, this opens up opportunities for the development of new material and often eliminates previously designed courses. emory university's school of medicine revised its curriculum in 2007, combining clinical medicine and basic sciences in the first 18 months. as part of its first section on "the healthy human," it included a weeklong module on aging. the main objective of this study was to evaluate attitudes and knowledge about aging issues before and afte ...200919563520
incorporation of spatial and economic analyses of human-use data in the design of marine protected, economic, and ecological criteria contribute to the successful design, implementation, and management of marine protected areas (mpas). in the context of california's marine life protection act initiative, we developed a set of methods for collecting, compiling, and analyzing data about the spatial extent and relative economic importance of commercial and recreational fishing. we interviewed 174 commercial fishers who represented the major fisheries in the initiative's north-central coas ...201021175829
using topography to meet wildlife and fuels treatment objectives in fire-suppressed landscapes.past forest management practices, fire suppression, and climate change are increasing the need to actively manage california sierra nevada forests for multiple environmental amenities. here we present a relatively low-cost, repeatable method for spatially parsing the landscape to help the u.s. forest service manage for different forest and fuel conditions to meet multiple goals relating to sensitive species, fuels reduction, forest products, water, carbon storage, and ecosystem restoration. usin ...201020872142
contaminated fish consumption in california's central valley delta.extensive mercury contamination and angler selection of the most contaminated fish species coincide in california's central valley. this has led to a policy conundrum: how to balance the economic and cultural impact of advising subsistence anglers to eat less fish with the economic cost of reducing the mercury concentrations in fish? state agencies with regulatory and other jurisdictional authority lack sufficient data and have no consistent approach to this problem. the present study focused on ...201020176346
conservation genetics of the fisher (martes pennanti) based on mitochondrial dna sequencing.translocation of animals to re-establish extirpated populations or to maintain declining ones has often been carried out without genetic information on source or target populations, or adequate consideration of the potential effects of mixing genetic stocks. we consider the conservation status of the fisher (martes pennanti) and evaluate the potential genetic consequences of past and future translocations on this medium-sized carnivore by examining population variation in mitochondrial control-r ...200312492877
black adolescents: a descriptive study of their self-concepts and academic achievement.this study was designed to determine the relationships among global self-concept, self-concept of academic ability, and academic achievement of black american adolescents. the subjects were 211 tenth-grade students in five public high schools in the pacific northwest school district who volunteered to participate in the study. global self-concept was measured by the coopersmith self-esteem inventory (sei), self-concept of academic ability by the brookover self-concept of ability (general) scale, ...19863812075
canine distemper in an isolated population of fishers (martes pennanti) from california.four fishers (martes pennanti) from an insular population in the southern sierra nevada mountains, california, usa died as a consequence of an infection with canine distemper virus (cdv) in 2009. three fishers were found in close temporal and spatial relationship; the fourth fisher died 4 mo later at a 70 km distance from the initial group. gross lesions were restricted to hyperkeratosis of periocular skin and ulceration of footpads. all animals had necrotizing bronchitis and bronchiolitis with ...201223060505
anticoagulant rodenticides on our public and community lands: spatial distribution of exposure and poisoning of a rare forest carnivore.anticoagulant rodenticide (ar) poisoning has emerged as a significant concern for conservation and management of non-target wildlife. the purpose for these toxicants is to suppress pest populations in agricultural or urban settings. the potential of direct and indirect exposures and illicit use of ars on public and community forest lands have recently raised concern for fishers (martes pennanti), a candidate for listing under the federal endangered species act in the pacific states. in an invest ...201222808110
self-perceived viral load and sexual risk behavior among known hiv-positive msm in san francisco, 2014.self-perceived viral suppression status among men who have sex with men (msm) may impact hiv risk transmission behaviors.201728604432
shoulder dystocia: are historic risk factors reliable predictors?our purpose was to determine the rate of associated risk factors for shoulder dystocia from a large cohort of patients delivered within our southern california perinatal program.200515970854
patient awareness of breast density and interest in supplemental screening tests: comparison of an academic facility and a county hospital.the aim of this study was to measure women's knowledge of breast density and their attitudes toward supplemental screening tests in the setting of the california breast density notification law at an academic facility and a county hospital, serving women with higher and lower socioeconomic status, respectively.201525743922
cost-effectiveness of alternative conservation strategies with application to the pacific leatherback turtle.although holistic conservation addressing all sources of mortality for endangered species or stocks is the preferred conservation strategy, limited budgets require a criterion to prioritize conservation investments. we compared the cost-effectiveness of nesting site and at-sea conservation strategies for pacific leatherback turtles (dermochelys coriacea). we sought to determine which conservation strategy or mix of strategies would produce the largest increase in population growth rate per dolla ...201424405417
initial ecg acquisition within 10 minutes of arrival at the emergency department in persons with chest pain: time and gender differences.the american heart association recommends all patients presenting to the emergency department with complaints of chest pain/anginal equivalent symptoms receive an initial ecg within 10 minutes of presentation. the synthesized twelve-lead st monitoring & real-time tele-electrocardiography (st smart) study is a prospective randomized clinical trial that enrolls all subjects who call 911 for ischemic complaints in santa cruz county, california. st smart is a 5-year study ending in 2008. the primary ...201121237383
regional variation in home-range-scale habitat models for fisher (martes pennanti) in california.we analyzed recent survey data and mapped environmental variables integrated over a home range scale of 10 km2 to model the distribution of fisher (martes pennanti) habitat in california, usa. our goal was to identify habitat factors associated with the current distribution of fishers in california, and to test whether those factors differ for widely disjunct northern and southern populations. our analyses were designed to probe whether poor habitat quality can explain the current absence of fis ...200718213963
movement patterns, habitat use and site fidelity of the white croaker (genyonemus lineatus) in the palos verdes superfund site, los angeles, california.white croaker (genyonemus lineatus family: sciaenidae) are a schooling, benthic foraging fish historically associated with soft sediment and wastewater outfalls in southern california. while they are often used as an indicator species due to their high organochlorine contaminant loads, little is known of their movements in relation to contaminated habitats. a vemco positioning system acoustic telemetry array was used to collect fine-scale movement data and characterize the site fidelity, area us ...201526107933
scombroid fish poisoning. underreporting and prevention among noncommercial recreational diseases, including those caused by seafood products, are common and greatly underreported sources of morbidity. in this article we review the epidemiology of scombroid fish poisoning and its possible relationship to the noncommercial and recreational catch and sale of fish. more than 20% of all fish sold in the united states is caught by sport fishers, and outbreaks of scombroid fish poisoning have involved improperly handled fish from private catches. we report an outbreak of scombr ...19921475947
desmoplastic stromal response as defined by positive α-smooth muscle actin staining is predictive of invasion in adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.the objective of this research was to examine the immunohistochemical profiles of adenocarcinoma in situ (ais) and early invasive adenocarcinoma (ac) to identify biomarkers that enhance the accurate diagnosis of early invasive glandular lesions of the cervix. the university of california, irvine, and long beach memorial tumor registries were used to identify 20 women with ais or early ac treated between 1990 and 2008. an immunohistochemical study was performed, and the primary endpoint measured ...201222653352
spatio-temporal dynamics of a fish spawning aggregation and its fishery in the gulf of california.we engaged in cooperative research with fishers and stakeholders to characterize the fine-scale, spatio-temporal characteristics of spawning behavior in an aggregating marine fish (cynoscion othonopterus: sciaenidae) and coincident activities of its commercial fishery in the upper gulf of california. approximately 1.5-1.8 million fish are harvested annually from spawning aggregations of c. othonopterus during 21-25 days of fishing and within an area of 1,149 km(2) of a biosphere reserve. spawnin ...201222359736
historical and contemporary dna indicate fisher decline and isolation occurred prior to the european settlement of california.establishing if species contractions were the result of natural phenomena or human induced landscape changes is essential for managing natural populations. fishers (martes pennanti) in california occur in two geographically and genetically isolated populations in the northwestern mountains and southern sierra nevada. their isolation is hypothesized to have resulted from a decline in abundance and distribution associated with european settlement in the 1800s. however, there is little evidence to ...201223300783
a transactional and collaborative approach to reducing effects of bottom trawling.private-sector financial and legal transactions have long been used to protect terrestrial habitats and working landscapes, but less commonly to address critical threats in marine environments. transferrable and marketable fishing privileges, including permits and quotas, make it possible to use private-sector transactions as conservation strategies to address some fishery management issues. abating the effects of bottom trawling on the seafloor and bycatch and discard associated with the practi ...201323530985
factors associated with hiv-testing history among black men who have sex with men (bmsm) in los angeles men who have sex with men (bmsm) are disproportionately affected with hiv, and nearly half are unaware of their status. those unaware of their status are more likely to engage in risky behavior; thus, hiv-testing uptake is crucial. this study explored correlates of past-two-year hiv-testing history. bmsm (n = 102) completed self-administered questionnaires. fisher exact test indicated that bmsm at clubs/bars and gay pride events had higher rates of being tested within the past two years (8 ...201323930896
acute myeloid leukemia risk by industry and occupation.acute myeloid leukemia (aml) is the most common type of leukemia found in adults. identifying jobs that pose a risk for aml may be useful for identifying new risk factors. a matched case-control analysis was conducted using california cancer registry data from 1988 to 2007. this study included 8999 cases of aml and 24 822 controls. industries with a statistically significant increased aml risk were construction (matched odds ratio [mor] = 1.13); crop production (mor = 1.41); support activities f ...201424547710
patterns of natural and human-caused mortality factors of a rare forest carnivore, the fisher (pekania pennanti) in california.wildlife populations of conservation concern are limited in distribution, population size and persistence by various factors, including mortality. the fisher (pekania pennanti), a north american mid-sized carnivore whose range in the western pacific united states has retracted considerably in the past century, was proposed for threatened status protection in late 2014 under the united states endangered species act by the united states fish and wildlife service in its west coast distinct populati ...201526536481
cancer associated with obstetric delivery: results of linkage with the california cancer registry.this study provides revised population-based measurements for the occurrence rates of cancer associated with obstetric delivery and examines perinatal and cancer-related outcomes within the group of women with 4,846,505 obstetric deliveries in california, inclusive of the years 1991 through 1999.200314586366
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