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herbal teas and populace health care in tropical china.commercial chinese herbal tea is the development of the populace in tropical and subtropical china consequential to their fight against infectious diseases and their struggle to explore local plants to relieve fever, to alleviate pain, to restore strength and to modulate immunity against viral epidemics. from these ethnomedical experiences, two types of herbal teas were commercialized, namely, liangcha and medicated teas. liangcha refers to a ready-made decoction infused from wild plants served ...19979167003
aluminium and fluoride concentrations of three tea varieties growing at lantau island, hong kong.the present project aims to investigate aluminium (al) and fluoride (f) contents in teas (camellia sinensis (l.) o. kuntze). three different commercial tea varieties: assam variety and two china sub-varieties, a large leafed variety and small leafed variety, were collected in two tea gardens of lantau island tea plantation of hong kong. in general, high concentrations of al and f were accumulated in the mature leaves (15.3 and of 2.07 g kg-1 respectively). among the three varieties, 'the small l ...200312901167
a comparison of aluminum levels in tea products from hong kong markets and in varieties of tea plants from hong kong and india.this study project aimed to investigate the concentrations of aluminum (al) in tea products available in hong kong markets. tea samples consisting of 47 different tea bags and 28 samples of tea leaves were analysed for concentrations of al. all tea samples released al (0.70-5.93 mg l(-1)) during a standard infusion period. in comparison to the joint fao/who provisional tolerable weekly intake guideline of 7 mg al kg(-1) body weight, it was concluded that tea made with these tea leaves will not i ...200919230955
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