allozyme polymorphism and geographic variation in the small brown planthopper, laodelphax striatellus (homoptera: delphacidae).the small brown planthopper, laodelphax striatellus, immigrates annually into japan over the east china sea from the asian mainland. it is not known whether this long-distance dispersal has any effect on the genetic structure of japanese l. striatellus populations. the dispersal of l. striatellus is suspected to be relevant to the population dynamics of infection with the parasitic bacterium wolbachia, which causes cytoplasmic incompatibility in l. striatellus. wolbachia infection has spread wit ...19979559095
an injury equivalency system for establishing a common economic threshold for three species of rice planthoppers (hemiptera: delphacidae) in taiwan.the economic threshold (et) for multiple pest species that share the same injury type on host plants (feeding guild) has been proposed for decision-making in integrated management framework of many defoliating insect pests. however, only a few consider agricultural pests with sucking mouthparts. this study presents the first injury equivalency system for the feeding guild made up of three rice (oryza sativa l.) planthopper (hemiptera: delphacidae) species--nilaparvata lugens (stål), sogatella fu ...201323786072
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