near infrared reflectance spectroscopic determination of protein nitrogen in plant tissue.a rapid, nondestructive method is described for the determination of protein nitrogen in plant tissue, using near infrared reflectance (nir) spectroscopy. procedures for instrument calibration are discussed. comparisons between kjeldahl nitrogen and nir nitrogen are made for corn leaf tissue from georgia and indiana. multiple correlation coefficients for other plant tissues such as peanuts, soybean, wheat, pecan, bermuda grass, and bent grass are also shown.19846746471
sources of nitrate yields in the mississippi river basin.riverine nitrate n in the mississippi river leads to hypoxia in the gulf of mexico. several recent modeling studies estimated major n inputs and suggested source areas that could be targeted for conservation programs. we conducted a similar analysis with more recent and extensive data that demonstrates the importance of hydrology in controlling the percentage of net n inputs (nni) exported by rivers. the average fraction of annual riverine nitrate n export/nni ranged from 0.05 for the lower miss ...201021043271
ovarian development and ovipositional preference of the western corn rootworm (coleoptera: chrysomelidae) variant in east central illinois.the rotation of maize, zea mays l., and soybean, glycine max (l.) merr., has been the traditional cultural tactic to manage the western corn rootworm, diabrotica virgifera virgifera leconte, in the corn belt. the reduced effectiveness of this rotation as a pest management tool in east central illinois, northern indiana, and southern michigan can be explained by the shift in the ovipositional behavior of the new variant of western corn rootworm. the objective of this study was to evaluate the inf ...200415154460
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