allele frequency of resistance to bacillus thuringiensis cry1ab corn in louisiana populations of sugarcane borer (lepidoptera: crambidae).transgenic bacillus thuringiensis (bt) corn, zea mays l., has been widely used to manage a corn borer complex in the mid-southern region of the united states. the sugarcane borer, diatraea saccharalis (f.) (lepidoptera: crambidae), has become a dominant cornstalk boring species in some areas of this region, especially in louisiana. therefore, management of sugarcane borer resistance to bt corn is critical to ensure the long-term sustainability of bt corn for the region. this study screened 280 t ...200818459416
using haplotypes to monitor the migration of fall armyworm (lepidoptera: noctuidae) corn-strain populations from texas and florida.fall armyworm, spodoptera frugiperda (j. e. smith) (lepidoptera: noctuidae), infestations in most of north america north of mexico arise from annual migrations of populations that overwinter in southern texas and florida. a comparison of the cytochrome oxidase i haplotype profiles within the fall armyworm corn-strain, the subgroup that preferentially infests corn (zea mays l.) and sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), identified significant differences in the proportions of certain haplotypes between ...200818613574
mexican rice borer (lepidoptera: crambidae) injury to corn greater than to sorghum and sugarcane under field conditions.the mexican rice borer, eoreuma loftini (dyar) (lepidoptera: crambidae), is the key pest of sugarcane (saccharum spp.) in texas; it can attack several grassy crop and noncrop host plants and has spread into louisiana. through small-plot, commercial field, and pheromone trap experiments, this study demonstrates that the pest uses corn, zea mays l., more than sugarcane and sorghum, sorghum bicolor (l.) moench, but when corn is harvested in late summer, injury to nearby sugarcane strongly increases ...201223156155
population distribution and range expansion of the invasive mexican rice borer (lepidoptera: crambidae) in louisiana.the mexican rice borer, eoreuma loftini (dyar) (lepidoptera: crambidae), is an invasive pest that was first introduced into southern texas in 1980 and has been expanding its range eastward along the united states gulf coast. the pest attacks rice (oryza sativa l.), sugarcane (saccharum spp.), corn (zea mays l.), and other graminaceous crops, and its establishment in louisiana is expected to have severe economic impacts on crop production. range expansion and population distribution of e. loftini ...201728334259
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