phylogeography of white-spotted charr (salvelinus leucomaenis) inferred from mitochondrial dna sequences.the white-spotted charr (salvelinus leucomaenis) is a coldwater-adapted fish distributed in far-eastern asia. to assess phylogeographic patterns of this species over most of its range in the japanese archipelago and sakhalin island, russia, we examined nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial dna (mtdna) cytochrome b region (557 bp) in 141 individuals from 50 populations. a total of 33 (5.5%) nucleotide positions were polymorphic and defined 29 haplotypes. phylogenetic analysis assigned the obs ...200414993836
[phylogenetic relationships of sakhalin taimen parahucho perryi inferred from pcr-rflp analysis of mitochondrial dna].rflp analysis of three amplified mtdna fragments (cytb/d-loop, nd1/nd2, and nd3/nd4l/nd4) was performed in the following taxa: parahucho perryi, hucho taimen, brachymystax lenok, b. tumensis, salmo salar, salvelinus leucomaenis, and s. levanidovi. for mtdna of p. perryi, a substantial decrease in the haplotype and nucleotide diversity was observed as a result of random genetic drift, caused by a reduction in the effective population size. nucleotide divergence estimates between the mtdna haploty ...200818767536
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