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combined parenteral and oral administration of oxytetracycline for control of infectious bovine determine whether combined parenteral and oral administration of oxytetracycline would ameliorate a herd outbreak of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk) and to compare efficacy of this regimen with that of subconjunctival administration of procaine penicillin g.19989491167
moraxella bovoculi sp. nov., isolated from calves with infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.eighteen isolates of a gram-negative coccus (strain 237(t)) were cultured from the eyes of dairy and beef calves affected with infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk; 'pinkeye') in northern california, usa, during summer 2002. these isolates had near full-length (1397 bp) 16s rrna gene sequences that clustered into three groups with 99.9 % sequence similarity. on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequence, the isolates were most closely associated with moraxella bovis and moraxella ovis in clade i ...200717392208
relatedness of cytotoxins from geographically diverse isolates of moraxella determine whether amino acid sequence variation exists in the moraxella bovis (m. bovis) cytotoxin (mbxa) from geographically diverse m. bovis isolated in the united states, mbxa was amplified and sequenced. the mbxa deduced amino acid sequence from m. bovis originally isolated in california, washington, north carolina, and georgia, as well as reference strains of m. bovis isolated at the national animal disease laboratory, ames, ia, usa, all encoded a nearly identical 927 amino acid protein. ...200717540518
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