helminth parasites of galictis cuja (carnivora, mustelidae), from localities in the atlantic forest of brazil.the current study aimed to investigate the helminth parasites of a population of galictis cuja (carnivora, mustelidae) that occur in atlantic forest in the southeastern region of brazil. we necropsied 18 specimens of g. cuja, collected between january 2009 and may 2014, ran over victims on br-040 highway, between the municipalities of duque de caxias, state of rio de janeiro and juiz de fora, state of minas gerais, localities inserted in atlantic rainforest biome. a total of six species of helmi ...201627925069
dioctophyme renale (goeze, 1782) in the abdominal cavity of a domestic cat from brazil.this study reports a case of parasitism by the giant kidney worm, dioctophyme renale (goeze, 1782), in the abdominal cavity of a domestic cat from brazil. a female adult cat presenting prostration, dehydration, physical debility, pronounced jaundice and ascitis, was taken to the department of animal parasitology of the veterinary institute of the universidade federal rural do rio de janeiro, brazil. clinical signs suggested a case of peritonitis. the cat's clinical condition was grave and death ...200919285807
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