pseudobacteraemia and contaminated esr bottles. 19921285114
serratia marcescens outbreak in a paediatric oncology unit traced to contaminated chlorhexidine.over an 18-month period we encountered 12 episodes of serratia marcescens bacteraemia in 10 patients in a paediatric oncology unit. these were associated with long-term indwelling hickman intravenous catheters (right atrial) and caused three deaths. seven of the patients had only mild pyrexial illnesses and made a complete recovery. the source was traced to contaminated aqueous chlorhexidine in a bedside container in which plastic clamps were stored. when this was rectified the outbreak ceased. ...19892686023
an outbreak of serratia marcescens in two neonatal intensive care units.outbreaks of infection in neonatal intensive care units (nicus) due to serratia marcescens are well recognized. in some outbreaks no point source has been found, whereas in others cross-infection has been associated with contaminated ventilator equipment, disinfectants, hands and breast pumps. we report an outbreak due to s. marcescens that involved two geographically distinct nicus. the outbreak occurred over a six week period; 17 babies were colonized, 12 at glasgow royal maternity hospital (g ...200011170764
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