paratuberculosis in sheep: an emerging disease in south africa.during a serological survey for ovine paratuberculosis a total of 145934 ovine serum samples from 2019 farms throughout south africa were tested by means of the agid assay. fifty-two infected farms were identified in the western cape and eastern cape provinces. links between infected farms in the two provinces were established. examination of the distribution of infected farms in the western cape indicated a positive correlation between acid soils and occurrence of infection. in an attempt to in ...200011118715
paratuberculosis in a domestic dog in south africa.this case report shows that mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (map) infection can cause clinical disease in domestic dogs, and should be considered as a differential diagnosis for gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions. a male dachshund presented with lethargy and pain. enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes were found on abdominal ultrasound examination. cytological examination of lymph node aspirates was consistent with granulomatous inflammation, which was culture-confirmed as map. altho ...201728397513
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