listeria monocytogenes infection in neonates: investigation of an epidemic.from march 10 through october 29, 1975, listeria monocytogenes infection occurred in seven neonates born at a 401-bed general hospital in greenville, s.c. in the preceding 19 months, there had been only one case. six of the seven isolates from the infected infants were of serotype jb. risk of listeriosis in neonates was associated with being born to mothers of low socioeconomic status and being born to mothers who had had vaginitis during pregnancy. nosocomial transmission of l. monocytogenes ap ...197898594
bacterial infections in infants 60 days and younger: epidemiology, resistance, and implications for establish what might be more optimal initial antibiotic therapy for suspected invasive bacterial infections in infants 60 days or younger who are evaluated in the emergency department (ed).199910357302
microbiological analysis of composts produced on south carolina poultry farms.the purpose of this study was to determine whether the methods used in compost operations of small and medium-sized poultry farms resulted in the production of an amendment free of foodborne pathogens.201019922596
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