isolation and characterization of listeria monocytogenes isolates from ready-to-eat foods in florida.of 3,063 ready-to-eat food samples tested, 91 (2.97%) were positive for listeria monocytogenes, and lineage 1 strains outnumbered lineage 2 strains 57 to 34. seventy-one isolates (78%) exhibited multiple antibiotic resistance, and an l. monocytogenes-specific bacteriophage cocktail lysed 65 of 91 (71%) isolates. determining phage, acid, and antibiotic susceptibility phenotypes enabled us to identify differences among strains which were otherwise indistinguishable by conventional methods.200616820508
listeria floridensis sp. nov., listeria aquatica sp. nov., listeria cornellensis sp. nov., listeria riparia sp. nov. and listeria grandensis sp. nov., from agricultural and natural environments.sampling of agricultural and natural environments in two us states (colorado and florida) yielded 18 listeria-like isolates that could not be assigned to previously described species using traditional methods. using whole-genome sequencing and traditional phenotypic methods, we identified five novel species, each with a genome-wide average blast nucleotide identity (anib) of less than 85% to currently described species. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences and amino acid sequen ...201424599893
chicken salad as the source of a case of listeria monocytogenes infection in connecticut.listeriosis is a severe infection with high morbidity and mortality. we report a fatal case of listeriosis in a patient with a history of crohn's disease who consumed chicken salad purchased from a retail food establishment before developing listeriosis. as part of the regulatory testing programs, the u.s. department of agriculture food safety and inspection service and the florida department of agriculture and consumer affairs found that chicken products from a single food-production establishm ...200920003746
report of 24 cases of listeria monocytogenes infection at the university of miami medical examine the epidemiological spectrum of human listeriosis at a large municipal hospital in miami, we reviewed the cases of listeria monocytogenes infection seen at the university of miami medical center over a nine-year period (1986-94). twenty-four patients (13 adults, 11 neonates) with bacteriologically proven listeria monocytogenes infections were identified. the annual rate of listeriosis for the entire period 1986-1994 was 0.042 cases/1,000 hospital admissions. the rates of listeriosis d ...19979707990
microbial, physical, and chemical quality of packaged ice in a statewide survey, ice samples purchased at retail were evaluated for labeling information and microbiological, chemical, and physical quality. only 11% of bags from on-premises manual facilities, compared to 79% for off-premises mechanical facilities, had appropriate label information. one ice sample exceeded the state regulatory limit for aerobic plate count (apc) (<500 cfu/ml). yeasts and molds were detected in 12% of the samples. no listeria monocytogenes were found in any of the samples ...199910340675
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