[prevalence of listeria monocytogenes in fresh tomatoes (lycopersicum esculentum) and coriander (coriandrum sativum) in three markets of valencia, venezuela].the incidence of l. monocytogenes in tomatoes and coriander obtained from three different markets, during eight weeks were determined. 192 samples were evaluated: 96 of tomatoes, and 96 of coriander. the isolation of l. monocytogenes was performed using covenin 3718:2001. the data were analyzed by spss version 12.0. kolmogorov smirnov, mann whitney u, kruskal wallis u test; spearman's correlation were applied, and p<0.05 significance level was aplied. it was not found significant differences bet ...200919886518
[detection of listeria monocytogenes in white cheese by polymerase chain reaction (pcr)].the polymerase chain reaction, known as pcr, is a method to replicate thousands of times within a few hours and in vitro, small amounts of dna. the application of rapid and sensitive methods to detect listeria monocytogenes in cheese samples, allow a better microbiological control of the production process. pcr was applied to 30 samples of of white cheese, from valencia, carabobo state. it was detected pcr specificity and sensitivity by using the control strain listeria monocytogenes 446. dna ex ...201021614822
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