an unusual presentation of listeriosis: anemia and cutaneous manifestations.listeria monocytogenes is an intracellular pathogen causing food-borne disease. it usually affects the young as well as immunocompromised individuals and is associated with high mortality rates. cutaneous manifestations have rarely been described. we describe an interesting case of a traveller from the tropics presenting with cutaneous listeriosis and anemia.201424968680
adult community acquired bacterial meningitis in a singaporean teaching hospital. a seven-year overview (1993-2000).the objective of this study is to describe the bacteriological, clinical and laboratory features of community acquired bacterial meningitis in adults admitted to a singapore tertiary-care hospital.200212693768
microbial survey of ready-to-eat salad ingredients sold at retail reveals the occurrence and the persistence of listeria monocytogenes sequence types 2 and 87 in pre-packed smoked the preparation of salads involves extensive handling and the use of uncooked ingredients, they are particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination. this study aimed to determine the microbial safety and quality of pre-packed salads and salad bar ingredients sold in singapore, so as to identify public health risks that could arise from consuming salads and to determine areas for improvement in the management of food safety.201728245788
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