health survey of backyard poultry and other avian species located within one mile of commercial california meat-turkey flocks.a survey was conducted to characterize domestic and exotic bird populations, estimate seroprevalence to selected disease agents, and describe health management practices on 62 premises containing "backyard" flocks located within one mile of 22 commercial california meat-turkey flocks participating in national animal health monitoring system (nahms). chickens were present on 56 backyard premises and turkeys on seven. antibodies were identified against mycoplasma gallisepticum, m. synoviae, m. mel ...19911854324
antibodies to selected disease agents in translocated wild turkeys in california.wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) trapped within california (n = 715) or imported into california from other states (n = 381) from 1986 to 1996 were tested for exposure to certain disease agents. prevalence of antibody to mycoplasma gallisepticum, mycoplasma meleagridis, salmonella pullorum, salmonella typhimurium, newcastle disease virus, and avian influenza virus was low (0-4%) for wild turkeys trapped within california. with the exception of antibody prevalence to m. meleagridis of 33%, the ...200010682760
descriptive survey and salmonella surveillance of pastured poultry layer farms in california.while pasture-raised poultry comprises a small portion of the commercial poultry industry in north america, these alternative rearing systems have become increasingly popular. as such, it is critical to improve our understanding of husbandry practices and prevalence of zoonotic and epizoonotic diseases in these systems. this research reviews the results of a survey sent to 82 commercial pastured poultry farms in california. while the survey response was low (13.4%), it was enhanced by detailed i ...201727744297
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