infections in man due to pasteurella multocide. 19734734708
bovine mastitis pathogens in new york and pennsylvania: prevalence and effects on somatic cell count and milk production.milk samples were collected from 108,312 dairy cows during 1601 farm visits made between january 1991 and june 1995. the herd visits were made by personnel from the central laboratory of the quality milk promotion services at cornell university (ithaca, ny) to farms located in central new york and northern pennsylvania. dairy herd improvement association records were available for 32,978 cows in 327 herds. intramammary infections, as defined by positive milk cultures, were present in 48.5% of al ...19979361234
Epidemiology of Mycoplasma bovis in Pennsylvania veal calves.The objective of the study was to estimate the prevalence and incidence of Mycoplasma bovis, a common cause of pneumonia, in veal calves. Using simple random sampling, 252 calves from 4 veal herds located in central Pennsylvania were selected and longitudinally followed for monthly collection of nasal swabs. Bronchial swabs and lung lesions were collected at the slaughterhouse. Nasal, bronchial, and lung lesion swabs were cultured for bacterial respiratory pathogens. Ninety lung lesions were ide ...201222192204
prevalence and characteristics of pasteurella multocida in commercial turkeys.the oropharyngeal regions of 680 meat turkeys and 55 breeder turkeys from nine outbreak farms, three history-outbreak farms, and 19 nonoutbreak farms in ohio, indiana, and pennsylvania were cultured to determine the prevalence of pasteurella multocida in turkeys. pasteurella multocida was recovered from 32 out of 105 turkeys belonging to outbreak farms. pasteurella multocida was not recovered from either history-outbreak or nonoutbreak farms. characterization via capsular and somatic serotyping, ...200111332480
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