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notes on pasteurella tularensis isolated from a vole, microtus oeconomus pallas, in alaska. 19695765177
isolation of a strain of pasteurella pseudotuberculosis from alaska identified as pasteurella pestis: an immunofluorescent false positive. 196514292748
avian cholera exposure and carriers in greater white-fronted geese breeding in alaska, usa.we conducted a 3-yr study (2001-03) on greater white-fronted geese (anser albifrons frontalis) breeding in alaska, usa, to determine the exposure of this population to pasteurella multocida and the potential role of these birds as disease carriers. we tested sera from nearly 600 adult geese for antibodies to p. multocida serotype 1. we found a low prevalence (<5%) of positive antibodies in adult geese, and based on the short duration of detectable antibodies, these findings indicate recent infec ...200516244059
aerobic oral and rectal bacteria of free-ranging steller sea lion pups and juveniles (eumetopias jubatus) in alaska.bacteriologic cultures from oral, rectal, and lesion samples from free-ranging steller sea lion (ssl, eumetopias jubatus) pups and juveniles in alaska (2001-2005) were examined to determine frequency of infection by a specific subset of common and pathogenic aerobic bacteria. associations between isolated bacteria and age, sex, body condition, location, and sampling season were investigated. salmonella spp. isolates were further evaluated to determine spatial clustering (n=48) and to identify se ...201122102651
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